You Shouldn't Pay for an Accident You Didn't Cause

Choose Edward A. Sargent as your personal injury attorney in Beverly, MA

When you're in need of a personal injury attorney in Beverly, MA, make Law Office Of Edward A. Sargent your first and only call. Edward A. Sargent is an experienced accident attorney who's ready to take on your car accidentmedical negligencedog bite or slip and fall case.

Attorney Edward A. Sargent serves Essex County primarily, but he's willing to travel to Salem, MA and anywhere in the state to help you. He'll visit you at home or in the hospital if your injury is keeping you from traveling. Attorney Sargent is available on his cellphone 24/7.

Learn more about attorney Edward A. Sargent

Learn more about attorney Edward A. Sargent

Want to know more about the Law Office Of Edward A. Sargent's personal injury and accident attorney? Check out his qualifications:

  1. He worked as a personal injury attorney for the past 25 years.
  2. He earned a law degree from the Massachusetts School of Law.
  3. He's a Massachusetts Bar Association member.

Attorney Edward A. Sargent can resolve personal injury cases in Beverly or Salem, MA through settlement, arbitration, mediation or trial. Don't hesitate to call him at 978-223-5572 to discuss your case.

Why choose attorney Sargent?

Attorney Sargent does his best to provide superior legal services to clients all over Massachusetts. He'll travel to your home or hospital room for free. He won't charge fees unless your case is successful. Attorney Sargent will also consult with trusted medical professionals about your medical malpractice case at no charge.

Contact attorney Sargent now to leave your personal injury case in capable hands.